5 Qualities Of A Good Project Manager? How Will You Develop Them With The Help Of A Mentor?

Becoming a project manager is not so easy, even if you want to be. Project management isn’t an office job or something where you do your duty and complete your task, and that’s it. 

As the role of the project manager is essential and pivotal, not every ordinary person is capable of it. A person with a combination of several natural-born qualities, skills, and expertise can become a successful project manager. 

A person may develop skills and get expertise, but the qualities are not developed, yet they are discovered or polished. Maybe you have the right qualities for becoming a project manager, but you don’t know about them, or they need polishing. 

For that, you need a Top Tier Mentor and Coach who discovers your hidden qualities and help you in developing skills, and makes you learn how to become a professional and successful project manager. Here, in this article, I’ll share the five non-negotiable qualities with you and introduce you to the person you need in your journey toward success. 

5 Qualities Of A Good Project Manager

Leadership Quality 

A Top Project Manager should have strong leadership abilities to guide the team toward success. This means inspiring and motivating your team to give their best effort while ensuring everyone is clear on their responsibilities. Each member has strengths and weaknesses, and a good project manager can easily find them, encourage their strengths and, help them to overcome their weaknesses, urge them to achieve the desired outcome. 

Well Communication 

If you communicate well, there are chances that you can handle the team better and can make others understand things correctly, like expectations, goals, and responsibilities. If you have good communication skills, both written and oral, you will be better able to communicate with your team, stakeholders, and clients effectively. 

Decision Maker

Decision-making is an important quality that sets apart successful project managers from the rest. The ability to make effective decisions is crucial as it directly impacts the project’s outcomes. A good project manager possesses strong decision-making skills and helps keep the project on track, and ensures that the team efficiently meets the project objectives and guarantees success.

Risk assessment, consideration of all available choices, and consideration of the perspectives of all stakeholders are all necessary for making educated decisions. Project managers may reduce risks and boost project success rates by making educated decisions on time. 

Solves Problem Effectively

Problems occur at every point, whether to team members, clients, or stakeholders. A successful project manager knows how to solve these issues. They try their best to solve all the disputes that come in the way of project fulfillment. 

Delegation Skills & Team Building

Delegation skills and team building are crucial qualities for any project manager who wants to succeed. A project manager with practical delegation skills assigns tasks to team members based on their strengths and expertise, leading to a more efficient and productive team. Furthermore, building a strong team is key to achieving project success.

If a project manager has team-building abilities, they may encourage cooperation and communication among team members and develop a mutual feeling of trust and respect. You must give proper time, effort, practice, and patience to master the art of delegation and teamwork. By improving these abilities, you may create teams more equipped to meet project goals, making them a priceless resource for any company. 

Who Can Help You In Polishing The Skills?

Whether it’s developing the skills or polishing them, you need a Project Management Coach and Mentor who not only helps you in learning the skills but also share their personal experience with you for further betterment. 

Nothing comes to mind for polishing project management skills except the best and most renowned WordPress Development Guru and project management mentor, Dean Jones. He is known for his exceptional work portfolio in the construction industry. 

Moreover, he is among the eight black people recognized during Black History Month. His contribution toward bringing equality, especially after the brutal death of George Floyd in the USA, has gained much popularity. 

Being a black man in the UK, he always struggled in his home country against racism. That’s why he recently joined HistRooster, a great initiative by DomainRooster, which is an excellent platform for freelancers to earn a high living without being discriminated against based on color, caste, creed, religion, country, language, and continent. 

He is also working as a virtual meeting consultant and mentoring people in learning WordPress development and designing and thus helping a big community without discrimination and without charging a lot of money. 

His 25 years of experience, struggle against racism, promotion of equality in the construction industry, and organ donation are some great things that should be acknowledged on every platform. 


I have mentioned 5 qualities of a good project manager in this article. Though the qualities are vast, these are necessary. So, if you think you have these qualities, let a project management coach help you, polish you, and make you a prosperous future project manager. 

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