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5 Tips to Choose Living Accommodation for Your Needs

Your living accommodation can affect your work life while staying in Canada. If you don’t like housing facilities where multiple people live together and have cramped closets, communal toilets, or twin-sized beds, then finding a suitable place for yourself may be better. You can have more independence, privacy, and space with this option. Such accommodations are calmer than the ones where many people live together.

Before signing a year-long work offer letter, consider these factors to get yourself a comfortable place to live. You may regret going to a new country without doing this after getting a Canada work visa from Qatar.

1.   Rent a Private Room/Flat

If you have hired the best immigration consultants in Qatar, they will help you with this. This is the most selected option for those on a work visa in Canada. Private apartments offer more date flexibility and easier location and room type selection. Private houses are not usually where you live alone so you may live alongside other professionals or students.

2.   Consider Location

You should be able to get to and from your housing facility easily to avoid being late for work. Choosing an apartment near bike trails, walking routes, and public transportation can help. So, even if you don’t drive, you can get picked up and dropped off during your commute.

You must consider the convenience of your residence to grocery stores, restaurants, petrol stations, and more, in addition to the workplace. Assessing your ability to meet daily requirements is also useful.

You can also inspect your new neighborhood. Before signing a contract, tour your living accommodation to get a feel for the neighborhood and community guidetopurchasing.

3.   Check Utility Costs

Make sure the rent includes utilities before choosing a housing option. The monthly rent includes some utilities, but others must be paid separately. Utility costs include power, water, laundry, gas, drainage, trash collection, and more.

4.   Lookout for Furniture and Fixtures

Know what housing includes before finalizing the deal. Some nice furnishings and fixtures may not last. You may rent a room because of some lovely sofa, but it may be taken away a few days later. Another possibility is that the owner will furnish the house to attract residents.

To choose wisely, ask the landlord if the furniture and fittings are included. Check mattresses for damaged springs to avoid future issues.

5.   Ensure Security and Safety

Along with features, verify the housing facility’s safety and security. This is because safety comes first. Prioritize safety in your selected environment. Because ultimately, your comfort and peace of mind matter.


Always avoid sending money for accommodation before seeing the owner or viewing the flat to avoid rental scams. Make sure your potential housing option is safe and comfortable, and be friendly to your roommates to make your work and stay abroad a success. A place where you live can affect your work, social life, and physical and mental health. Before picking a housing facility, do as much research as possible, but don’t stress—you can always move. Think of it as learning Info Portals!

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