8 Unique Corporate Gifts Ideas

Gift-giving is associated chiefly with birthdays and holidays. But the corporate world is evolving and giving presents has become a norm. Corporate gifts cement the relationship between employers and employees and organizations with clients. Giving is an excellent way to boost your business as it gives customers an exceptional impression of your business.

Corporate gifting can be puzzling, whether you want to thank your employees or impress valuable clients. You can create a “wow” moment with the following gift ideas.

But before diving into gifting ideas, there are some blunders you should avoid, including:

  • Cheap packaging

Before getting to the actual gift, the recipient will first see the packaging. It creates an impression of your creativity and what the receiver will likely get. Good quality packaging, like jute bags, makes the package impressive. It also ensures the gift arrives in good shape.

  • Failure to personalize

A bespoke corporate present can yield great results. Customize the gift using the receiver’s initials to show them they’re important. Whether you’re giving handcrafted items, journals, or stationery, ensure you personalize it. You may also accompany the gift with a handwritten message.

  • Inappropriate gifts

The corporate world has its rules and limits. It’s your responsibility to ensure the gift is acceptable. Pay attention to matters like age, hierarchy, and gender. Purchasing intimate or personal gifts like clothes will lead to an embarrassing situation.

Inappropriate presents can send a wrong message and upset your business partners.

  • Not considering cultural beliefs

Religious and cultural values should be respected in all aspects, including gifting. An alcoholic drink to a Muslim believer is disrespectful and can negatively impact the relationship.

It’s advisable to be familiar with one’s faith and cultural customs.

  • Not adhering to the company’s gifting policy

Every institution has its gifting policy. These rules help people maintain boundaries while giving presents. Flouting the rules can lead to a conflict of interests involving clients, suppliers, and even employees. Some organizations have cost limits to avoid giving expensive or cheap gifts. You can consult the company’s HR for more details.

Let’s dive into the best corporate gift ideas you can incorporate.

1. Custom Blankets

There is no better feeling than curling in a warm, soft blanket. Blankets are everywhere and are used when resting on a couch, watching Netflix, or having a picnic. These products are thoughtful and versatile gifts an employee or client can enjoy at home.

The blankets can be branded with a chosen design, the company’s logo, or the recipient’s initials. You can accompany the blanket with a handwritten card packed in a high-quality gift basket you may find at Blackbird General Store.

2.  Insulated food containers

Keeping that burger or pizza hot is essential. Carrying food to work or when traveling can also be a hectic affair. That’s why an insulated food container is ideal for adventurous individuals in the corporate sector.

When delivering food to clients, you’d want to avoid spillage. This is where insulated food containers come in handy. People are becoming aware of healthy eating habits, and food containers give you an easy time to prioritize your wellness. Plus, these products will fit snugly in a gift box.

3.  Branded drinkware

Sipping water while at the workplace has never been this easy. Branded drinkware items are pleasant gifts for employees, clients, and colleagues. They have several customization options with different features for cold or hot beverages.

The trendy products can be customized with someone’s initials, clients name, or company logo. They’re affordable and come with eco-friendly options.

4.  Branded Jackets

Employee engagement is deeper than salary appraisal. It’s about making employees feel unique, appreciated, and valued. A corporate package of branded jackets brings the team members together. The unique customizations create a connection with the management for an easy flow of operation.

You can customize the jackets with the employee’s name, nickname, favorite quote, or hobby

5.  Food Gifts

Texture, taste, and smell can trigger deeper emotions with long-lasting memories. Giving a unique food package creates a powerful impression on your employees, clients, and suppliers. You can combine the package with branded items.

6.  Digital Gift Cards

The digital world is dynamic and requires you to think ahead. The corporate industry has become digitalized, and it would be fair to think in that direction when gifting. Digital cards can enhance consumer experience and sharpen overall marketing strategy, so it’s best to use some of the best online free greeting cards tools available.

E-gift cards help customers enjoy sales 24/7. Unlike their physical counterparts, digital cards are secure, which helps in building credibility and brand trust. The cards are also easily linked with e-commerce stores like Shopify, e-Bay, and Amazon.

7.  Experiential Gifts

Experiential gifts will set you apart. You can expect companies to offer gifts, such as evening cooking classes, golf courses, concert tickets, and spa days. Experiential gifts allow the receiver to indulge in a hobby or chatter a new, exciting path.

8.  Premium coffee and tea

The health awareness gospel is spreading across the globe, making people embrace healthy habits. Premium coffee and tea are exceptional alternatives to sugary drinks. A gift box with various premium coffee accessories, brewing equipment, or blends will be much appreciated.

Take Your Corporate Gifting a Notch Higher

The art of gifting needs creativity, but you shouldn’t overthink. Use the same strategy you’d use on other gifting ideas. The ultimate goal is to make the recipient genuinely enjoy the present. When shopping for corporate gifts:

  • Get creative with branding

Giving clients and employees gifts creates notable impressions. But you’d want them to remember who gave them the present. That’s why you must consider your branding idea to make the recipients remember where the gifts came from.

  • Give a personalized card

People love being appreciated. It’s your opportunity to tell them how amazing they are. Insert a card with a thoughtful message. It could be congratulating your team or thanking clients for their unwavering support of the business.

Final Thoughts

Corporate gifts are no longer meant for holidays or end-of-the-year parties. There are tons of reasons to send customized gifts to your clients. They can be used to celebrate company achievements and milestones. Winning back past clients is also worth celebrating with the best corporate gifts.

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