Advantages Of Private Jet Travel For Sports Teams

In the world of sports, there is a very fine line between what determines whether a team wins or loses. Because of this, teams are always looking for any advantage they can get over the competition. One thing many sports teams are doing today is flying on private jets instead of commercial flights. If you’re wondering why this is so advantageous for sports teams, here are some of the most important reasons you’ll want to keep in mind.

Control Over Flight Schedules

Private jets offer sports teams the ability to have complete control over their flight schedules instead of being at the mercy of commercial schedules. If you are the coach of a sports team, the last thing you want to see happen is having your team’s flight delayed or canceled, which could mean you either won’t make it to your next game at all or do so with only a limited amount of time for preparation.

Privacy and Relaxation

One of the biggest advantages professional sports teams gain from using private jets is increased privacy and relaxation. Should you and your team rely on commercial flights, chances are fans and reporters will harass the stars on your team. When this occurs, it can lead to increased stress and distractions that can impact them on gameday. When you rely instead on private jet companies for your team’s travels, your players can get the quiet time they need to mentally prepare for the game ahead and be relaxed so they can do their very best.

Greater Comfort During the Flight

As you know, commercial airlines provide seats that seem to get smaller each year and are anything but comfortable for the average person. However, should your team have exceptionally tall athletes or weigh far more than the average airline passenger, the level of discomfort increases dramatically. Fortunately, this is not the case at all on private jets. Featuring comfortable furniture that can be customized to your team’s specifications, larger cabins, and full-sized bedrooms with king-size beds, private jets can guarantee your players will be extremely comfortable during their flight.

Easier to Discuss Strategies

On a commercial flight, it will be difficult, at best, for you and your team to discuss strategies before your game. A private jet will make this much easier since it will feature full-sized conference and meeting rooms for your use during the flight. Along with meeting with your players to go over certain strategies you may want them to use in crucial game situations; you can also meet with your coaching staff to finalize your game plan and make any last-minute changes.

Customized Food and Drinks

For your team to be at its full potential, you know how important it is for your athletes to stick to very specialized diets. This is all but impossible to do if you fly on commercial flights. However, a private jet can make this a reality. Along with catered meals, your jet can be well-stocked with all the foods and beverages your team wants and needs. Best of all, you can even have your team’s chef, dieticians, nutritionists, and other related staff aboard to ensure everyone has meals specifically tailored to their unique needs.

More Room for Luggage and Equipment

On a commercial airliner, you are usually very restricted as to what you can bring on board the aircraft and how much luggage and equipment you and your team can bring to your next game. However, a private jet will have plenty of room for sports equipment and sufficient storage space for clothing, shoes, uniforms, and other essential items.

Investing in using a private jet charter for your team’s travels can bring many advantages, all of which may ultimately result in your team winning more games. Whether it’s being able to take a restful nap on a king-size bed during the flight, talking over what may turn out to be the game-winning play, or having your favorite foods and drinks on board, there’s no doubt your team will stay relaxed while also gaining a competitive advantage.

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