Can I Take My Personal Furniture To The Detox Alcohol Center?

The short answer for this question is, no, you may not. The reason is that the centers are already equipped with everything you will need. You get bunk beds if you join a regular detox program, and you will get a personal room with a king size bed in a luxury detox program. There are a lot of options available for you as you join the detox alcohol center. So, stop worrying about your comfort at these centers. They are all well furnished with the latest amenities. Also, there are other items that are not allowed in these centers.

No Personal Furniture is Not Allowed

Some people mistake detox centers as some brooding places where they will be cramped up with tens of people in a single room. This is a very wrong idea that is spread by people. Detox centers are places of healing and as such they have been designed with the patient’s comfort as the primary factor. You will find everything from coffee lounges, swimming pools, libraries, entertainment centers, meditation & yoga halls, indoor parks, etc. inside these centers. So, if you were planning to ship your bed into a detox clinic while getting admitted there, drop it as such.

No Pets are Allowed Inside the Center

While you are comforted by the above idea, you must also remember that you cannot bring in your pets into the facility. There are several reasons for this condition. One, your pets can provide you comfort, while discomforting other patients. Two, if you decide to smuggle your pets into the facility and other patients find out, they will also gain the idea that their pets can be smuggled in too. Three, detox clinics are medical facilities and pets pose a hygiene threat for all the patients. Hence, while joining Drug Detox Austin Texas, give your pets a warm hug and assure them that you will be back home in a few weeks. You can even facetime them during your treatment if you feel like you miss them.

No Alcohol or Weapons Shall be Permitted

This is a strict no. Anyone with common sense will realize that bringing in weapons into a detox clinic is dangerous. As for alcohol and other drugs, it defeats the whole purpose of detox if you bring a bottle of alcohol inside. You must behave responsibly and come clean of drugs and weapons while getting into the detox facility.

No Sexual Content Should be Taken Inside

As for sexual content like dildos, and inflatable dolls, they are a strict no too. Rehab is for your recovery from addiction. You can use them when you get back home after your detox treatment is complete.

Bring Toiletries, Clothes & Books If You Need

As to what you can bring in, you can take your clothes, toiletries like soaps, tooth paste, shampoos, and such personal items into the drug detox center. You can also take your books, and your iPad for reading, etc. Take as much clothes as possible for it will help you during your stay.

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