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How to play 36 numbers for 3 days without losing for lottery players

 36-number lottery for 3 days is one of the unbeatable prediction methods, currently being applied by many players. Depending on how it is done, it is relatively easy, but for beginners, it will probably be quite confusing about how to create this outline. Refer to the article below with Hi 88 to better understand this lottery playing trend.

Correctly understand the  36-number lottery for 3 days 

The term 36-digit lottery number refers to a series of prize numbers including 36 numbers in the range from 00 to 99. Thus, the phrase 36-number lottery for 3 days It is understood that using all 30 numbers above to play within 3 consecutive days.

To be able to choose 36 numbers, lottery players must use many different methods and techniques. Once you have chosen correctly, the explosion rate of this set is sure to be extremely high.

Instructions on how to create the easiest  36-number lottery for 3 days 

Before doing 3-day frame farming, you must find for yourself 36 numbers with the highest probability. Currently, there are many methods to find the right 36 numbers. However, Hi88 recommends that you choose one of the two simple and effective strategies below!

Create a 36-number lottery according to touch

Players who apply this method of creating a problem outline will have to rely on two problems. Then synthesize the two stations to find a final outline. Regarding how to pick numbers, you can choose numbers according to memory, numbers that haven’t returned in the week…

Create a lottery with 36 numbers by double casting

There are quite a few players who apply the starting and ending calculation method to create 36-number lottery for 3 days . You only need to use 4 beginnings or 4 endings to find the appropriate number sequence. Once the head and tail predictions are finished, the lottery player uses additional tools to set up the system and at the same time eliminates the bad pairs. From there, a 36-number lottery is formed for a 3-day frame.

Instructions on how to raise frames for 3 days with a 36-number lottery

Looking at the instructions above, we can see that how to create 36-number lottery for 3 days not too complicated. The most important thing is that you must come up with a suitable method of raising the frame. Only then will the strategy of using a 36-number lottery scheme achieve optimal results.

Many of you may not know, the winning ratio with Northern lottery usually falls at 1 to 80. That is, when you spend 1,000 VND, you will win 80,000 VND if you win. With such a large reward rate, of course winning the lottery is not simple.

For the method of raising 36 birds, three days is the minimum time to raise the frame correctly. This is the most reasonable period of time, neither too long nor too short. In the worst case, you can completely withdraw your capital immediately.

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Refer to how to mine money when using a  36-number lottery for 3 days 

In addition to the above methods of creating a lottery and raising a frame, you also need to pay attention to the principle of depositing money to avoid losses. Even if the desired effect is not achieved, the amount of money lost is not too much. Please refer to the 3 ways to raise money for the 36-number lottery below and apply!

Raise the frame at a ratio of 1: 2: 3

For players with a modest amount of capital, the most suitable payout ratio is 1: 2: 3. On the first day, you should only bet 10 points on each number. On the second day, players double their points to 20. And on the last day of raising, they play 30 points on each number.

Raise the frame at a ratio of 1: 2: 4

This method of entering money is similar to above, but on the last day you increase it to 40 points each. Principles of play 36-number lottery for 3 days This brings relatively large profits. If you are lucky enough to win the lottery on Tuesday, the amount of capital you spend will increase 70 times.

Raise the frame at a ratio of 1: 2: 5

Similar to the betting odds above, but when you raise the frame until the third day, you bet each number 50 points. You can visualize this money deposit principle with a basic example below.

If you bet 50 points on each number, your initial investment will be 50,000 x 36 = 1,800,000. If you are lucky enough to win 1 lottery number, you will win 50,000 x 70 = 3,500,000. Minus the initial capital, your profit is 1,700,000.


The above article is all the information that bookmaker Hi88 wants to share with you about how to play 36-number lottery for 3 days . Thereby, it can be seen that this method of catching problems is quite good. Not only is it simple, but it also gives lottery players a chance to win big. Hi88 wishes you success from the first time you apply this prediction strategy.

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