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Is Itop Screen Recorder Safe To Use?

iTop Screen Recorder is an excellent solution for game recording, since it captures audio and video without lagging behind. Furthermore, this recording software features mouse click effects to enhance the quality of your videos.

GPU hardware acceleration enables smooth recording without time restrictions. Furthermore, basic editing features and sharing to popular online video platforms are all provided for.

It is safe to use

iTop Online Screen Recorder is an intuitive professional-grade screen recording software with many useful features for users of all experience levels. Users can record videos in multiple formats for direct sharing to popular online video platforms. In addition, there is also a built-in editor to edit their recordings.

This software was specifically created to work with various GPU hardware acceleration technologies, allowing it to record games in 4K Ultra HD without lag and stream directly to YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram – plus you can even use a webcam or microphone for added effects!

iTop Screen Recorder features a video compressor to reduce file sizes without compromising quality, as well as an intuitive video editor that makes trimming videos straightforward. In addition, users can create hotkeys to record and pause video, capture select areas of their screens, create hotkeys for recording/pausing recordings/pause recording as well as update with new features or fixes from time to time.

It is easy to use

Make tutorial videos, capture gameplay or record webcam sessions easily with this software. It supports many popular video formats and includes an editor built right in. Plus, customize settings to meet your individual needs!

The program features advanced features that make it simpler to use than some free screen recorders, including recording both system audio and live audio – ideal if your video requires narration or overdubbing – plus, you can add webcam overlay.

The iTop Screen Recorder is lightweight and utilizes GPU hardware acceleration technology to increase recording performance, so that you can record high-quality video without lags – it even supports gaming-grade resolutions and frame rates! Furthermore, you can quickly customize video settings using hotkeys, as well as save your recording into any file format or upload it directly onto YouTube.

It is easy to customize

iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use video recording software. The latest version optimizes its performance while adding new capabilities that empower everyone to create professional-looking videos without technical expertise. Teleprompter functionality makes explainer videos more efficient by allowing users to paste in lines instead of memorizing or improvising them, while adjustable voice tone enhances voice quality so viewers can connect more closely.

Beyond just starting, pausing, and stopping recording, this video capture program also offers several other features to customize your recording session. For instance, it enables you to add webcam video as part of the recording to show yourself while speaking.

iTop Screen Recorder comes equipped with its own built-in video editor that makes editing captured videos simple. With this tool, you can crop, trim, split and adjust recordings while also sharing them directly on various online video platforms.

It is easy to share

Use iTop Screen Recorder to share videos easily. Its simple interface enables real-time recordings from webcams directly into videos for maximum engagement and audience connection. Plus, this versatile recording solution lets you capture specific parts of the screen as well as set audio settings accordingly!

iTop Screen Recorder is an ideal way to capture gameplay, adding commentary or overlaying live webcam footage for an intimate experience. Plus, it can even be set to record automatically so there won’t be any missing part of the action!


Add watermarks to your recordings, customize format, hotkeys and settings accordingly, compress videos without degrading quality – perfect if uploading videos directly to YouTube or other online video platforms! Finally, the software offers features for compressing videos to smaller file sizes – great if uploading to online video platforms such as Vimeo!

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