Latest tips for playing Go for beginners from A – Z

How to play Go, an intellectual game originating from East Asia, is not only a playground to demonstrate tactical ability but also a place to practice patience and calculation for each player. This article from 789 BET will guide you step by step, from A to Z, helping newbies to approach and grasp how to play Go in the easiest and clearest way.

Instructions on how to play Go, updated in 2024

Go is a challenging and interesting game, popular in many parts of the world. Before starting to play, players need to master some basic rules and prepare all the tools. Necessary equipment includes a game board (sized 9×9, 13×13, or 19×19), black and white chess pieces, and an opponent to play against.

Below is 789BET’s detailed instructions on how to play Go for beginners:

Basic rules of playing Go

When starting, the board must be empty, meaning there are no pieces on the board. The player holding the black piece will go first.

  • How to place: Players have the right to place their pieces at any intersection of squares on the chessboard. It is illegal to place chess pieces in squares or on the edge of the table.
  • Do not move a piece: Once a piece has been placed on the board, it is not allowed to move or move. Only troops that run out of gas will be captured and become prisoners of the enemy.
  • Only place 1 piece per turn: In each turn, players are only allowed to place one piece on the board. If a side places more than one card in a turn, they can lose.
  • Choosing not to move: The player has the right not to make a move during his turn if a solution has not been found. The game ends when both players decide to pass.

The goal of playing Go

The main goal of Go is to take over land. Land is defined as empty areas on the table that each side can encircle. The more land captured, the more points the player has. Some versions of the game also require players to pay attention to the number of pieces remaining on the board.

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The rules of Go are extremely detailed

To start, the first important thing you need to know when learning to play Go is to understand the concept of “Qi”. “Qi” are the points surrounding a piece. Each piece placed on the board will have air points around it, usually four points if it is not blocked by an opposing piece. A chess piece loses one energy point each time an opponent’s piece is placed on one of those energy points.

What are the rules for winning pieces?

The goal of each player in Go is to make the opponent’s pieces lose all their energy. When a piece or a group of pieces lose all their energy, they become prisoners of the opponent. A typical example is that if White pieces move into positions around Black pieces, those Black pieces will lose all their gas and become White’s prisoners.

Create an eye that runs out of air

In Go, making eyes is important to keep your pieces from being captured. There are two types of eyes: monocular and binocular. If a group of pieces has only one eye, they are easily captured by the opponent. However, if the group creates two eyes, they will be safe and cannot be eaten.

When should you capture pieces when playing Go?

In Go, the decision to take the opponent’s piece needs to be carefully considered. If your opponent’s pieces are surrounded and there is no way out, you may not need to spend more pieces to capture them. Similarly, if the value of that group of pieces is not important, you can also decide not to take them.

Instructions for calculating points in playing Go

Although there are many different scoring methods, the most common method used by many players can be described as follows:

  • In Go, each square on the board that a player has completely surrounded with his pieces is counted as one point. This means, the more territory you cover, the more points you get.
  • At the end of the match, each of your pieces remaining on the board will also be counted as one point. This includes pieces that are not in the area you have surrounded.
  • The final score of each player will be determined by adding the total points from the surrounded land and the points from the remaining pieces on the board.
  • In some versions, only the encircled lands are counted for scoring, not the remaining troops.

This scoring reflects the nature of Go, where the main goal is to capture and defend territory. Calculating points from the remaining pieces on the board also reflects the player’s care and thoroughness in each move. The final score will determine the winner of the match, based on a combination of tactical skill and ability to defend territory.

Advanced tactical instructions on how to play Go

Once you have mastered the basic rules of Go, try applying the following 789BET strategies to increase your chances of winning. Remember, besides learning strategies, constant practice is indispensable to excel in this game.

Handling when surrounded

There are two basic situations when your troops are surrounded by the enemy. Each situation requires a different strategy to minimize losses.

Situation 1:

When your White piece is surrounded but still has a chance to breathe (gas). In this case, you don’t need to worry too much because White still has the opportunity to create gas from within.

Situation 2:

The White army is completely surrounded and has no chance to create gas. In this situation, avoid placing additional White pieces in that area because any move can be captured by Black.

Use sacrifice tactics

In the process of learning how to play Go effectively, understanding and using the sacrifice strategy is very important. Sometimes, sacrificing some pieces can lure opponents into a trap, without much impact on the final outcome of the game, with the main goal being to capture the most territory.

Taking over territory is the top priority

Defeating more of your opponent’s pieces does not always lead to victory if the territory you capture is less. Therefore, always focus on expanding your territory as much as possible.

Observational skills

Thu Quan is the final stage of the game, when both sides have captured a certain amount of territory and begun to expand. This is the key stage that determines victory or defeat. Therefore, practicing Thu Quan skills is extremely important to achieve victory doorbellnest.


With detailed and meticulous instructions on how to play Go, it is hoped that even beginners can gradually become more confident in the game. Don’t forget, practicing regularly and accumulating experience through each match will help you continuously develop skills and tactics. See each game as a lesson and discover more interesting things this game has to offer with 789BET!

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