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basketball select Online is a very attractive game at the reputable game portal  New88. Besides football, this is also a popular subject. The reason is because there are many dramatic matches, diverse select tables and many attractive rewards. In this article, let’s Neu88 Discover how to play soccer select at New88 playground.

Overview of online  basketball select

 basketball is currently one of the extremely popular sports in Vietnam. After the first Professional  basketball Tournament was held in Vietnam (VBA), this game attracted even more fans. In addition, Saigon Heat  basketball club was also honored to receive an invitation to participate in the Southeast Asia professional tournament.

Through this, we can see that  basketball is increasingly developing strongly in our country. Therefore, the demand for watching and select on  basketball online has also increased greatly. game portal  New88 currently offers select services on this sport. Immediately after its appearance, it attracted many  basketball enthusiasts to participate.

Every day, game portal  New88 streams hundreds of matches from many different big and small tournaments for you to freely choose from. If players want to conquer it, they must understand all the rules and regulations of  basketball and how to bet. Even take the time to analyze and calculate each team that is about to participate.

Instructions for online  basketball select at game portal  New88

For veteran bettors, it will certainly be very convenient to experience this game. Because basically, the rules and how to play basketball select Nothing complicated, similar to soccer select. The similarity of these two games is that they are collective antagonists.

In a tournament, two teams will have to compete in many qualifying rounds and win to move on to the next round. The difference is that football uses feet,  basketball uses hands to play. Therefore, team spirit and a few other factors also play a very important role in this subject.

If you don’t know anything about soccer select, don’t worry too much. You can get acquainted from the beginning with the subject basketball select at  New88 game portal. Each match will be researched, analyzed and calculated extremely carefully by the game portal’s experts to produce a quality select table. You will predict the win or loss results of the two teams and bet on one of the corresponding bets.

Some popular bet types in  basketball select

Below are some very popular bet types in the game basketball selectAt  New88 game portal that you should know:

Bet on the highest score

Each  basketball match will have 4 sets and two participating teams. Their competition time is determined by the organizers. With this type of bet, players will have to predict which set will score the most points. The condition is that all four sets must be completed for the bet to be valid.

In case the match is interrupted or suspended midway, bets will be void. According to the rules of the game, if the set you bet on has the same number of points, the result is a draw and the player will receive a refund.

Bet on which team will score first

Many people participate in this bet because of the high reward rate. In a match, you will bet on the team that scores first. If the prediction is correct, the house will transfer the bonus at the specified rate to your account.

Player bets

For player bets, players can bet on how many shots, rounds, passes, interceptions or total points scored… If you want to participate in this bet, at least you need to know the player’s name and characteristics.

Take the time to review each player’s performance, form and advantages before placing a bet. If the player you choose does not play, the house will refund the bet.

Bet on the last scorer

Players will predict which player will score the last goal before the match ends. Although strong teams have more advantages, sometimes weak teams can create spurts at the last minute. Therefore, players need to watch live and rely on the actual situation of the match to predict.

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Instructions for playing  basketball select at  New88

Similar to soccer select, how to play basketball select At game portal  New88 it is also very simple. Specifically includes:

  • Step 1: First, you will also have to create a member account and deposit bets here to be able to participate in the game.
  • Step 2: Next, you choose the sports select category and choose  basketball. There will be many game halls offering this game for players to experience. After choosing the game lobby, you will continue to choose the match you want to follow and bet on.
  • Step 3: Based on the information collected to research and analyze the winning ability of each team. Combined with effective tactics to make the right decisions. Finally, you just need to wait for the match to end to know the results from game portal  New88.


Recently, there was an article providing introductory information about the subject  basketball selectSuper attractive online. If you want to conquer more big prizes, quickly register at  New88.

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