Steps To Follow While Using A Hair Straightening Brush

If you’re looking for naturally straight, frizz-free hair, you might want to try a hair straightening brush. A hair straightening brush is a hair styling appliance that fuses the functions of a hair brush and hair straightener, allowing you to straighten your hair quickly and easily. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a hair-straightening brush when you want to get naturally looking straight hair on the go:

Start with dry hair and preferably clean hair

Before using a hair straightening brush, make sure your hair is washed and dried. It’s not recommended to use a hair straightening brush on wet hair, as it might not work and affect your hair.

Apply a heat protectant

To protect your hair from heat, apply a heat protectant spray or a protective hair serum before using the hair straightening brush. This will help prevent your hair from becoming fragile and dry. Vega Nature Care Hair Serum adds shine while also shielding your locks from external aggressors like heat styling appliances. Flaunt silky smooth and luscious locks with this one-of-a-kind hair care serum before styling your hair.

Set The Temperature According To Hair Type

Plug in the hair straightening brush and turn it on. Most hair straightening brushes have adjustable heat settings, like the Vega X-Glam Straightening Brush which lets you adjust the temperature between 80°C to 230°C according to your hair type, along with a Digital Display that helps you see and remember your accurate styling temperature. If you have fine or very thin hair, you should rather opt for a lower temperature whereas if you have thick or coarse hair, use a higher temperature.

Section your hair

To make the straightening process easier, section your hair into thin strands. Sectioning your hair makes the entire process hassle-free and way faster.  Start from a few inches away from the scalp and work your way down smoothly. Make sure you don’t touch the scalp or the root of the hair while brushing.

Brush smooth & easy

Slowly glide the brush down the length of your hair, starting at the top away from the scalp and moving toward the ends. For best results, get Vega X-Look Paddle Straightening Brush, its large surface provides better contact with hair while the Silica Gel Coated Bristles protect your scalp from heat. It comes with ionic technology that eliminates static charge and makes your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. This hair straightening brush glides easily and detangles your hair like a paddle brush and also straightens your hair effortlessly and effectively. Repeat this process until the entire section of hair is straightened. If you have particularly curly or wavy hair, you may need to go over the section more than once.


Continue to section your hair and use the hair straightening brush until all of your hair is straightened. If you have any flyaways or frizz, you can use a small amount of hair serum or oil to smooth them down.

Convenient Usage

The Vega Hair Straightening Brush comes with a 360 degrees swivel cord which helps in easy handing from any angle while in use. The ergonomic design of the handle gives you an anti-slip grip and comfortable experience. It is compact and portable, and delivers a quick naturally straight hair.

Using a hair straightening brush can be a quick and easy way to straighten your hair, but it’s important to use it correctly to avoid over heating. Make sure to use a hair serum and choose the appropriate temperature for your hair type. With practice, you’ll be able to achieve straight, smooth hair in no time.

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