What is Cyclone Ginseng? Complete Way to Play for Newbies

Sam cyclone is a very old Vietnamese game and its origin is from the North, similar to Tien Len in the South. In particular, the way to play Sam Loc is quite simple, because it is interesting and attractive with a lot of love. So, if you love 52 card card games, you definitely should not miss this game. Together NEU88 Learn about what is ginseng cyclone? How to play and tips to win with this article!

So, in reality, what is cyclone ginseng?

Sam Loc is one of the popular card game titles currently chosen by many classes and ages. The basic gameplay is based on a 52-card deck similar to Southern Tien Len combined with a special twist, creating attraction for players.

This title often appears in entertainment, holidays and festivals, an indispensable part of creating the most complete fun. Through the use of standard joker cards, Sam Loc will not come first with cards like Tien Tien, but all cards will be dealt equally and the person going behind will try to block the cards of the person going first.

In rotation, whoever in the game runs out of cards first and does not discard according to regulations will win for themselves. This is very important because many new players will not understand it clearly and will lose 2, cut off the gong, or make many other mistakes. Therefore, in addition to helping you understand what Sam Loc is, the following information that sentayho.com.vn will provide you about how to play and the rules of Sam Loc.

Basic rules of playing Sam Loc

If this is the first time you know how to play Sam Loc card game, you should read the instructions carefully. Because that is the guide to help you grasp the rules of the game to win the fastest.

Starting a card game will usually start with 2 – 4 people, and the number of cards each person receives will be 10 cards. Right in the first game, the game stipulates that the person with the smallest card will be the one who has the right to play first. From the second hand, the winner of the first hand will be the one who has the right to go first.

How are the order of the cards arranged?

The card order of Sam Loc is the same as Tien Len, but there will also be some differences as follows:

+ Odd cards (junk cards) will be cards that are not arranged in pairs, odd pairs or not arranged in any set. The order from low to high will start from card 3 to card 2, card number 3 will be the smallest and card number 2 will be the largest in the deck.

+ Pair means having 2 cards with the same number combined together. Regarding the order of the cards, the low starting point will be a pair of 3s and the highest will be a pair of 2s.

+ Sam is the combination of 3 cards of the same number, of equal value, and the arrangement of the cards is similar.

+ Four of a kind is a combination of 4 cards with the same number and the order of high and low is similar to Four of a Kind 3, the lowest and largest is Four of a Kind 2.

+ The straight will be a collection of consecutive cards in order from small to large. The minimum length of the straight is a combination of 3 consecutive cards and there is no length limit until the cards run out. In terms of free play, the smallest will start from the ace and the largest ending will also be the ace. Specifically, the smallest suit in the suit will be A23 and the highest suit is QKA, and there will be no KA2 hall in the ginseng.
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Terminology used in the lesson

Although the origin is similar to Southern Tien Len, this entertainment title will also have its own terms used in the rules for calculating wins for players. So to determine the winner, you will need to play white to win the prize money by possessing the cards below. 

  • There is a dragon hall: A combination of 10 consecutive cards.
  • Four Quarters 2: The strongest combination of Sam Cyclone.
  • Own 10 cards of the same suit.
  • There are 3 women in the game.
  • There are 5 pairs in the card.

The order of calculation will be from smallest to largest, so any player who owns a dragon hall will have priority. Or besides that, players can also do:

+ Win white: That is when the player will plan to win white with a 10-card straight, four of a kind, 10 cards that are not of the same suit but of the same color. After that, it’s white if you own 3 pentagrams or 5 pairs.

+ Ask the village: Using another name, it means stealing the card after the cards are dealt. When receiving cards, if the possessing player sees that no one can block him, he will ask for a village and when asking for a village, the player will have the right to play first in turn so that others can block. Of course, if the request to the village is successful, the player will eat all the reward, and conversely, if he fails, he will need to pay the village.

Suggestions on the fastest way to play Sam Loc card game

In fact, the way to play Sam Loc is similar to Tien Len in that the first person plays and the next person will block the previous person’s cards. Blocking will require the use of a larger piece or corresponding pair, the rook and the higher straight to block and be of equal length or if the straight can be of more length.

Besides, in the cyclone, any four of a kind combination can block a 2 card, each four of a kind will block a 2 card and if you have 2 of a kind you can block a pair of two. In case a player plays a card and no one blocks the next 3 people, that player can play the card in the next turn. If the person who comes first plays the last 2 pieces, it will be considered a lost 2 and will not be counted as a winner.

There is a special thing with Sam Loc when there is only 1 playing card left, the player will need to inform other players that he only has 1 card left. Then the person sitting in front of that reporter will need to proceed to block every card possible to prevent them from coming first. If you can’t keep the door, you have to pay, the level of compensation in the cyclone is calculated by the total number of cards of the players along with 1 2 card and 1 four of a kind.

Calculate points in card game

Perhaps cyclone card game has a rather complicated scoring method for new players. So, you will need to pay attention to capture it to create absolute victory with more rewards.

+ Normal winning game: Points will be calculated by the sum of the remaining cards in hand and multiplied by the pre-game bet plus 1 2 card and 1 four of a kind.

+ If winning white: The player’s win will be calculated by 20 cards and multiplied by the bet amount, which is 1 2 card and 1 four of a kind.

+ About asking for a village: If a player successfully asks for a village, he or she will receive 20 cards from each player and multiply it by the bet amount.

+ Regarding the village bet: The player pays 20 cards multiplied by the bet and the number of players in the card game.

+ If it’s cold: points will be calculated by 15 cards multiplied by the combined table bet plus one 2 card and 1 four of a kind card.

+ In case a four of a kind cuts 2, each tight four of a kind will be scored as 15 cards.

+ In case four of a kind cuts four of a kind, the player being stopped will be counted as 10 cards.

+ In case of losing 2, the player will deduct 5 cards/1 piece.

+ Regarding chopping stacks: That means the number of moves will be multiplied by 15 leaves for one chop.

So it can be seen that Sam Loc is a title that is not too difficult to play and is suitable for many people of many different ages. Especially coming to Sam Loc, you can also participate in an extremely interesting playground that brings perfect stress-relieving moments. Don’t forget to followFanpages New88 To be continuously updated with articles sharing the latest experiences from leading experts!

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