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What Is the Cost of a Mold Inspection and Mold Testing?

An initial Mold testing answers inspection and testing typically ranges from $450 to $1,000; large contaminations could increase this cost considerably.

Aureobasidium is a dark coloured mold that thrives in humid areas and can cause skin and nail infections as well as fungal eye infections. Exposure may result in fungal eye infections; therefore, Aureobasidium thrives where there is excessive moisture present.


Fungi are often found in dark and damp environments like basements and HVAC systems, often leading to mild-to-moderate allergy symptoms and leading to more expensive removal and repair costs over time.

Spore trap reports do not identify specific species; instead they simply display raw count numbers and an average for that area. To ensure accurate results, ask your mold inspection Charleston to perform aggressive sampling – where dust is stirred up instead of passive sampling where airflow remains undisturbed – instead.

Be wary of any company offering free mold inspections, as they could be incentivized to recommend remediation services. When choosing a professional for mold testing and inspection services, ensure they understand governmental standards as they will work with you to locate the source of contamination instead of just testing for it and leaving you alone. Specifically ask whether they search for potential sources like leaky pipes and foundation cracks where mold could potentially enter.


Mold spores can be hazardous to our health and can trigger allergies, asthma attacks, skin rashes and cold-like symptoms in some people. Therefore, proper mold remediation is vital in protecting both you and your home from this toxicity. Learn more about mold effects.

Cladosporium typically grows in damp environments such as basements and bathrooms, but may also thrive in ductwork, under carpets and behind wallpaper. Spores may enter through open windows or moisture sources outside the building itself.

Cladosporium mold can be easily identified and tested for click here, without needing special samples like air or surface swabs or samples taken via contact methods such as swabbing. As its presence should not increase inspection costs significantly. If, however, more serious forms of mold are detected, more in-depth analysis will likely be necessary such as collecting scrapings for culture or staining them to identify species/spore counts ($50 for cultures; $150 for stains). These additional steps can help determine an effective remediation plan which makes working with licensed professionals so important in assessing remediation plans for remediation plans.


Penicillium mold can be hazardous to human health. Its spores can aggravate respiratory conditions, but are rarely identified during standard mold inspection. More extensive and costly testing procedures may be necessary, increasing inspection costs.

Professional mold inspectors typically charge a flat fee to inspect a home and identify which tests are necessary. This may involve performing visual inspections in areas mold growth, such as between walls or behind access panels; probing crawl spaces or behind appliances in search of hidden spots where mold might be hiding; taking samples for laboratory analysis to assess type, quantity, reproduction rate (via stain tests that cost up to $150); collecting and sending them off for lab analysis once samples have been gathered.


Alternaria doesn’t grow as easily or quickly as other varieties, yet can cause allergy-like reactions and some types are carcinogenic, as well as nail and skin infections. Mold inspectors can test for this kind of mold by swabbing surfaces before sending samples off to a laboratory; pricing depends on both area being examined as well as number of samples needed.


Air sampling should be included as part of any mold inspection, which involves comparing indoor and outdoor spore levels. Although more expensive than surface sampling, this form of testing requires finding a reputable company with high-quality equipment and experienced inspectors in order to be effective. Mold remediation can be expensive process – early detection will save homebuyers thousands in repair costs as well as making removal easier!

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