What To Look For In a Drug Detox Facility

Detoxing from substance abuse requires 24/7 medical supervision and care. Depending on the severity of the addiction, there is more risk involved regarding the safety of the detox as the substance leaves the system. For this reason, detoxing should always be done at a detox facility.

Unfortunately, not every detox facility is equipped with what patients need to overcome withdrawal and the general discomfort involved with detox. Finding centers that have the essentials for this purpose is critical for the success of the detox period. When it comes to detox, safety should always be the priority.

Refrain from falling for centers that guarantee things like 3-day detoxes or other fast-track methods to success. Everyone will detox at their own pace; speed is not the goal. For more information on what to look for in a drug detox facility, continue reading below.

Detox Facilities: Warning Signs

When you search for drug detox facilities, take note of any places that boast amenities or add-on services. Often, these are red flags that the centers are more interested in making money. If your goal for the time being is specifically detox, you might consider a detox facility rather than a rehab recovery facility.

Listed drug detox Protocols

Detox is typically more of a short-term solution, but it should contain some therapeutic interventions to help patients begin their journey for aftercare following their detox period. When you browse options online, you should see a breakdown of the detox protocols at the centers you’re looking into.

Detox vs. Rehab

Acknowledging the difference between detox and rehab is essential. Detox refers to the first step of recovery, where abstinence from drug use is undertaken for substance detox. Withdrawal symptoms occur during this time, another reason medical care is necessary. Once the individual has detoxed, they have the mental clarity to make better decisions on where to go next to continue sobriety.

Rehab, however, is the next step in one’s journey. You receive therapy and tools at rehab centers to ensure a lasting recovery. Treatment may include individual and group therapy and establishing a safety plan to prevent future relapse.

Centers offer two-part programs: drug detox and rehab. There are various options for inpatient and outpatient care. Inpatients stay on-site for 24/7 care; outpatient is for those with the health to complete treatment outside of a medical setting.

Financial Accommodation And “No Frills”

Look for drug detox facilities that will work with you to accommodate any financial struggles concerning treatment costs. Centers that are “no frills” and focus entirely on treatment should be considered first and foremost. Look at the staff directory and avoid centers lacking psychiatrists, certified counselors, and medical staff to offer support during recovery. Centers consisting primarily of volunteers, fitness coaches, etc., are not equipped to provide adequate care for detoxing and recovering individuals.

Taking The First Step

If you are struggling with drug addiction, get the care you need immediately. Contact a drug detox facility today and take the first step toward sobriety and recovery.

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