Women’s Razor Buying Guide: Find The Perfect First Razor

Purchasing your very first shaving razor can be overwhelming. The sheer number of options in the drugstore aisle or on Amazon will likely leave your head spinning. 

Disposable or cartridge? 2 blades or 5? A pivoting head or not? 

With so many sizes, designs, and features to evaluate, it’s tough to know where to begin when finding the ideal starter razor that fits your needs.

The good news is that when armed with the right knowledge, the process doesn’t have to be so mystifying. 

There are key factors you should consider when determining what type of razor will provide the smoothest, nick-free shave as you embark on your hair removal journey. This buying guide will walk you through the basics — from assessing your skin type and hair texture to the different types of razors. 

Read on for tips on finding the perfect beginner women’s razor, so you can flaunt those silky, confidence-boosting legs in shorts and skirts next summer.

Understanding Your Skin Type

Before diving into razor options, it’s crucial to understand your skin type. 

Your skin type will help you select a razor that’s compatible with it and minimizes the risk of irritation. You’ll also need to buy certain shaving products according to your skin type. 

Keep the following points in mind:

  • Normal skin: Normal skin is generally well-adjusted and can tolerate a wider range of razors.
  • Oily skin: If you have oily skin, look for razors with lubricating strips or aloe vera to help prevent razor burns.
  • Sensitive skin: Sensitive skin is prone to chafing and redness, so opt for razors with fewer blades and hypoallergenic features.

    Hypoallergenic razors often have lubricating strips that contain natural ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin C. These ingredients help soothe your skin and reduce the risk of irritation.
  • Dry skin: Dry skin needs extra moisture, so choose razors with moisturizing strips or built-in conditioners.

Choosing the Right Razor

Freya puts it notes that choice is the single most empowering encounter any woman can own.

And when it comes to shaving, picking the right razor is decisive for a comfortable and effective experience. Women’s razors come in various types: disposable, cartridge, and electric.

  • Cartridge razors: Cartridge razors are the most popular type, offering multiple, blades for a close shave. They usually come with replaceable, pivot heads that adjust to the contours of your body and lubricating strips to reduce friction.
  • Disposable razors: Disposable razors are a cost-efficient and convenient option, ideal for travel or occasional use. They typically have one or two blades and are less expensive than cartridge razors.
  • Electric razors: Electric razors are gentler on sensitive skin and are suitable for delicate areas like the bikini line. They use rotating blades or foils to remove hair without the risk of nicks or cuts.

It’s essential to consider factors such as your budget, shaving frequency, skin sensitivity, hair type, and desired shaving results when choosing a razor.

First-time shavers are better off using single-blade razors as they minimize the risk of cuts and irritation, providing a gentle and smooth shaving experience. 

Understand Your Specific Needs

Before selecting a starter women’s razor, reflect on your individual shaving needs and lifestyle factors. 

For example, do you intend to shave frequently or only occasionally? What area will you be shaving? What is your skin type?

All these factors impact whether a disposable or reusable cartridge razor makes more sense. 

Furthermore, consider your usual hair texture and growth rate — coarse thick hair versus fine thin hair requires different blade capabilities. Understand your personal priorities – some women prefer ultra-close shaves with 5-blade designs, while others value gentleness over super smoothness for sensitive areas. 

If you aren’t sure about what type of blade you should go for, don’t worry! 

Shaving is like riding a bike. The more you go through the motions, the better you’ll get at it and at understanding your needs.

Remember to keep your needs first. Outlining your shaving frequency, hair density, skin sensitivity, and smoothness will guide you to the ideal beginner razor choice.

Environmental Impact

Considering the environmental impact of your shaving choices is becoming increasingly important in today’s eco-conscious world.

Safety razors, in particular, are known for their eco-friendly nature, as they significantly reduce plastic waste. Moreover, they also cause the least irritation, provide a smoother finish, and are reusable and recyclable. 

On the other hand, disposable razors are terrible for the environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that around 2 billion disposable razors and refill blades are thrown away each year.

Disposable razors are designed for limited uses. Thus, they end up costing you more in the long run. Moreover, these razors are made up of plastic and cheap materials, which end up contributing to the ever-increasing plastic waste and environmental pollution issues.


Selecting your first razor needn’t be a mystifying or intimidating process.

By understanding your needs, exploring different razor types, considering crucial factors, and acknowledging your previous user experiences, you can select a razor that seamlessly provides you comfort, effectiveness, and sustainability. 

Whether you opt for a safety razor or another type of razor, understanding the nuances of each option will empower you to make a choice that suits your individual needs and preferences. 

Happy shaving!

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