Why Choose a Dentist Rancho Bernardo for Composite Resin Fillings?

The popularity for composite resin fillings has increased tremendously everywhere nowadays.

Problems like cavities and tooth decay can cause excessive damage to your tooth and this can be repaired by using the composite resin fillings.

As the resin filling resembles the natural tooth color, it is used commonly for filling cavities in back and front teeth.

To get this treatment done, you must approach the best dentist Rancho Bernardo. In Rancho Bernardo, you will mostly find experienced dentists.

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As the resin fillings are free from mercury, they are commonly chosen by dentists. Using the fillings that contain even the small traces of mercury can cause several health problems.

The affected area will be numbed first. Either a laser or a drill is used for the removal of damaged areas of your tooth. Now a gel is used for cleaning that area.

The next step involves applying the filling material to your tooth. Now composite material and adhesives are placed on the top of your tooth, to seal it.

This hardens the applied material and your dentist uses a bonding light. Your dentist will now polish the tooth by removing the rough edges, if there are any.

Keep reading to know about the various benefits of using composite resin fillings.

  • Composite resins are also used for problems like cracks inside your teeth. As this material is durable and appears tooth colored, it is considered as the ideal choice for repairing cracks and chips.
  • If at all the material degrades, it can be repaired without any problem. For example, if your dentist notices that the filling is damaged or degraded due to reasons like excessive chewing, he or she will clean that area and repairs filling.
  • When it comes to the other types of fillings, more drilling is required. In the case of composite resin fillings, simple drilling is enough.
  • It hardens in a matter of few seconds. The other materials may take even days to get hardened.
  • This type of fillings can make your tooth strong. As a result, they do not crack easily.
  • Composite resin fillings are affordable.

Treatment After Care

After the procedure, most people experience a little pain and swelling. But this goes away within two to three days in most cases.

If the pain is unmanageable, you can approach your dentist. After the procedure, you must avoid drinking too hot or too cold drinks.

You must avoid chewing food for at least 24hrs. You could take soft foods, which do not require excessive chewing.

It is better to avoid brushing your teeth for the next 24hrs. However, most dentists do not stop their patients from brushing their teeth after the procedure.

You must also avoid sticky foods for few days after getting this procedure done. Stay away from smoking and drinking at least for a month.

How to prevent cavities and tooth decay?

  • Brush your teeth daily for about two to three times. Choose a fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth or use the toothpaste suggested by your dentist daily.
  • Go for a dental check up once for every 4 to 5 months.
  • Take the appointment for dental cleaning once every six months to prevent such problems.
  • Avoid eating acidic and sugary foods.
  • Follow flossing techniques regularly.

How to find the best dentist in your location?

  • Choose an experienced dentist always, if you are looking for the best treatment. An experienced dentist will be quick at identifying the problem.
  • Compare the patient reviews of various dentists in your location, to know who is the best from them.
  • It is also essential to compare the treatment cost before choosing a dentist for your treatment.
  • A good dentist listens to what their patients say with patience. He or she must suggest ways to maintain your oral health in a good condition.

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